What is marketing automation?

Marketing today is significantly different from what we dealt with just a few years ago. Today, most processes take place on the Internet. Extensive promotional activities also lead to the fact that more and more companies decide to automate their marketing processes. This action is called marketing automation. It is becoming more and more popular, even in micro and small enterprises. It allows you to save time and money, and most importantly, it increases the effectiveness of promotional activities. See what marketing automation is all about.
What is marketing automation?
Marketing automation, by definition, is marketing automation carried out with the use of special software. The purpose of this software is to improve advertising, sales and content marketing processes. Thanks to the use of such solutions, the campaigns are accurate, and the collected data allows for precise personalization and targeting of the company’s messages. In practice, this means that marketing automation makes it easier to reach potential customers and generate sales leads. All this is due to efficient communication and collecting detailed demographic and behavioral data.


How does marketing automation work?
Marketing automation activities are best demonstrated in practice. We can imagine the company XYZ, which has its own website, on this page there is a newsletter subscription form, which is filled in by Zuzanna. From now on, marketing automation software collects information about Susanna, which allows it to send her specific information and messages that will interest her. It is able to trace the advertisement from which our heroine found the page, what subpages she entered and how much time she spent on them, and what actions she performed on them. In addition, we can find out if Zuzanna opens our newsletter, and if so, what she clicks on and if she is a committed fan on our Facebook. Based on the collected data, the software implements specific actions. The first is to assign Susanna to the appropriate group, i.e. travelers who like to go to Asia alone. Thanks to this, Zuzanna’s advertising will be tailored to her interests and needs.

The advantages of marketing automation
The main advantage of marketing automation is the reduction of the amount of work put into advertising campaigns. Most activities are performed automatically in the background and do not need to be implemented by a human. Marketing automation also allows you to get to know your customers better, and thus adjust your messages to their needs and expectations. In addition, we can research and analyze whether taking action actually brings the effect and what it is. As a result, the marketing budget is optimized, allocating funds only to those items that bring the company profit.


How will he implement marketing automation?
The very operation of marketing automation significantly improves the functioning of marketing and optimizes the working time of people dealing with it. For this to be the case, however, it is necessary to feel the right tools. It is this initial period that is the most difficult and time consuming. It requires the development of communication paths and a marketing automation strategy. Companies that have not been exposed to this form of promotion so far can implement marketing automation technology in small steps. Starting at the beginning, for example, with activities related to email marketing, and only then developing further processes.

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