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Collaboration with bloggers is currently one of the most popular trends in marketing. It is used by both offline enterprises and online stores. With the help of well-known and popular bloggers, they try to reach new recipients, promote their services and goods, or run PR campaigns. A large number of bloggers, as well as the increasingly popular cooperation with micro influencers, make this promotion option available to even the smallest online stores. What’s more, a well-thought-out and conducted e-shop cooperation action with a blogger can bring very good results, sometimes even better than Adwords advertising or promotion on Facebook. If you are interested in this form of promotion of your online store, check how you can work with bloggers.

Traditional sponsored article
Although a traditional sponsored article is almost a thing of the past, the cooperation of an e-shop with a blogger may be based on creating a text / photographic relationship involving the use of a product sold in an online store. It is the simplest and most obvious form of cooperation. Usually it doesn’t take much effort or time. When choosing this form of cooperation with a blogger, make sure that the post does not look like a typical advertisement and is interesting for readers, make sure that the influencer you intend to cooperate with reaches your target group (this applies to any form of cooperation, not only sponsored blog post).


Photo sessions with bloggers
Another idea is to organize photo sessions in which the main characters will be people from the blogosphere. Contrary to appearances, this idea can work not only in online stores with clothing, but also other articles. Because who, for example, said that you cannot take some interesting photos of books read by bloggers or kitchen accessories used by them while cooking. This form of cooperation on the shop-blogger line can be an interesting diversion that will interest the recipients. Also, remember that you do not need to organize a professional photo shoot right away – today you can take cool photos yourself.

Cooperation in real life
You can cooperate with bloggers and internet celebrities not only online, but also in real life. It is a good idea to invite them to an organized event, e.g. opening a showroom or starting a new collection. Make sure that the photos and even the live coverage of the event appear in social media (yours and your blogger’s).


Contest with a blogger
A popular way of cooperation between an online store and a blogger is the joint organization of a competition. The prize is funded by the company, while the blogger promotes and disseminates information about the competition among his fans. When choosing this form of cooperation, it is worth making sure that the competition prize is attractive and that the event itself complies with the principles of Polish law and the regulations of the platforms on which it is promoted.

How to cooperate with a blogger? Settlement methods
Today, you can’t count on free advertising on a widely read and popular blog. Almost every blogger charges a fee for working with a company. It is determined individually and related not only to the popularity of an internet celebrity, but also to the commitment and time that he has to put into cooperation with the entrepreneur. Less popular and novice bloggers also offer barter cooperation, but this form is less common.

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