The modern retail and wholesale market is saturated with online sales. It is then difficult to enter the industry without a properly prepared online store. A professional Ecommerce, which would be written from scratch specifically for specific expectations, can consume a lot of cash, but does it have to be so?

Well no! The network is full of free versions of software, which do require some programming knowledge and patience in “figuring out” the operation of a specific version. Of course, there are also ecommerce management systems, the use of which is associated with a minimum financial contribution, but in return you receive technical support and the ability to adapt the e-commerce system to a specific demand (unfortunately, if you want to commission the creation of a specific module, because it does not exist yet – you will get this involved a one-time expense). But take it easy – not so scary as the devil is painted – just dig for a while and you will surely find something that will fully satisfy you.

1. It should be easy to use thanks to an intuitive management panel for both sides – the buyer and the seller.

2. Have full, necessary functionality (have integrated all the tools you need for efficient management of store resources).

3. Operate efficiently and be properly optimized – because fast loading of the store’s pages is very well perceived by potential customers, while problems in operation may even undermine the trust in the seller. Of course, this also affects the high ranking when searching on Google.

4. Enable the implementation of various forms of payment, suppliers (couriers), but also programs, wholesalers and auction portals such as Allegro. If a given ecommerce has such extensive functionality – it proves its refinement and it is worth taking an interest in its choice.

5. Original appearance and practical design, making it pleasant for viewers. In addition, a wide selection of ready-made templates and the ability to create new ones will certainly help you in many situations. It also allows you to stand out.

The problem of many free ecommerce systems is the lack of technical support, ongoing security updates, and many holes through which hackers can break in. However, the question you have to answer is – are you willing to take the risk? The problem practically disappears if you are familiar with the subject and you can implement everything yourself, etc. However, if you want to use the help of a professional, it will still tug you in your pocket. In this arrangement, it is probably better to reach for one of the proprietary e-commerce.

There are many interesting e-commerce, the use of which in the basic version will not entail any costs. However, you should be aware that they usually have certain limitations, such as – transfer and capacity limit, which, when exceeded, will cause the store to die. Then it is necessary to purchase a full subscription to restore its full splendor. GOOD LUCK

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